Reservation forms of Hotels

Hotel reservation forms are the formal documents used by hotels to reserve rooms for the guests on their advance request. To book a hotel prior to your stay, in order to avoid the last minute hassles, these hotels have started advanced booking mechanisms. To book a hotel, all you need is to fill up a hotel reservation form with al the requisite information and the required advance booking amount. Although these are not the legal, but still they require some information of the person booking the rooms and always right information must be supplied on such forms to avoid any hassle.

The reservation forms of hotels are required to be submitted to the appropriate hotel authority. The information required on such forms include details of the p[person making the booking arrangements, details on what type facilities & rooms required, for how many days are the rooms required and the payment details. They also need information that how many guests will be arriving so that they can also plan for relevant arrangements needed at that time. Often the Reservation forms of Hotels also include a section of declaration, where they highlight there advance booking and regular booking policies, refund policies and other disclaimers.

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