A letter template form depicts the design of a unique or we can say typical reference letter. This letter should define the information of your identity, the person to whom you are referring and their qualifications. For more details and information personal contact should be drafted.

Suppose you want to write a letter of reference to an individual then you have to put up the very first heading as Dear Mr. Samuel or Dear Ms. Emma. If you have to write a general letter you should update the salutation as “To Whom it May Concern”. It is not necessary to include a salutation in a general letter so don’t pay too much attention to it.

The very first paragraph should define your relation with the person whom you recommend. And in the next one you should define his/her qualifications and why you are giving him/her this reference letter.

In the third paragraph you should provide information about the person on what basis he/she is applying for the work. You should also demand for the person’s resume Xerox or the copy of his job posting etc.

After finishing the above methods you should update summary and conclusion and at last, end the letter with your signature or end it mentioning your name and title.

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