Free living will form

Medical illness is a natural phenomenon which can occur to any living being. We, being humans get the medical facilities and many new innovations are taking place with each passing day in the medical field. But still then we cannot deny the fact that every illness and medical condition can be treated. Many times doctor face situations where they are not able to do anything to save the life of a patient and life support is the only way to keep a patient medically alive.

At this time, the living will is used when a person is no longer in the state of taking decisions and there are no further chances of recovery. A free living form is filled by the individuals to state that whether they want or not to be put on the life support systems if they suffer from a terminal illness in the future. Hence the living will of a person helps a doctor to know the person preference at such critical stage. To declare your wish, you need to obtain a living will forms and are required to complete it with all the requisite information. These forms can be obtained from health centres, hospitals and doctor’s offices. They provide you with a copy of the form.

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