There is a wide range of availability of the samples of CV. Due to the large number of availabilities of different types of CV’s you may get confused in selecting a sample of CV which should be best suited according to your academic qualifications. The CV form which you should select must be the best representation of your academic qualifications, professional experiences, your skills and talents in extracurricular activities. For this you have to make a research on the CV forms which are available so that you can represent yourself in the best way to any company.

The different types of CV forms are categorized under definite forms. Some of them include the Chronological form of CV which represents your education in the reverse form of the occurrence of the events. The performance CV form which is same as that of the Chronological CV form in which you can also mention your achievements and honours. There is a form which is known as Functional CV which will focus on your career functions that is the skills you have performed. The other forms are Targeted CV form, the Universal CV form and the Alternative CV form. The Targeted CV form is used when you want to show your focus on the vacancy available.

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