Business Financial Statement Form

Business financial statement form contains financial records showing records of all financial transactions of a firm within a given period of time. Business financial statement form contains details such as accounts payables, account receivables, expenses, cash receipts, income statements, petty cash vouchers and other financial records. Below is a sample business financial statement form.

Sample business financial statement form

Please fill in the following details:

Registered Company Name: ________________________________________

Country of operation: ________________________________________

Company Registration Number: ________________________________________

Business profile: ________________________________________

Contact Details:

Cell phone number: ______________ Office Number: _____________________

Email Address: ________________________________________

Post Office Address: __________________ Postal Code _____________________

City/Town: ________________________________________

Please Fill in the Following Details

Statement of financial condition as of ____________ 20 _______ for the period

_______________ To _____________________________

Cash at hand and at bank: ________________________________________

Account receivables: ________________________________________

Prepaid expenses: ________________________________________

Other sources of income (Please specify): ________________________________________

Monthly cash flows: ________________________________________

Purchasing expenses: ________________________________________

Account payables: ________________________________________

Accrued payments: ________________________________________

Other current payables (please specify): ________________________________________

Total liabilities: ________________________________________

Total assets: ________________________________________

Gross profit for the period: ________________________________________

Gross profit margin: ________________________________________

Earnings before tax and interest: ________________________________________

Net earnings after tax and interest: ________________________________________

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