Business Credit Application Form

A business credit application form is a presentation used by an entity to show its credibility so as to ensure that further credit may be issued. It is used in application for a new credit or to top up the available credit. It includes the trade information of the entity to confirm on his stability and ability to settle the credit. The following is a sample business credit application form.

Sample Business Credit Application Form

1. Name and Address

_________________________                  ____________________                     ___________________

Last                                                                         first                                                                    middle

Name of the business__________________________________________________________


City                                              state                                                 zip

Phone____________________________ Tax Id No.____________________

2. Company information

Type of the business______________________________________________________________

Being in Business since when_______________________________________________________

Legal form in which the business operates (a) corporate        (b) partnership          (c) sole proprietorship

Name of the company principal Responsible for business transaction   ____________________________

If division/subsidiary: Name of parent company______________________________________________

Address      City__________________________     state      _______________________ zip___________


3. Bank References

Institution name_____________________________________________________

Checking Account No.                         Saving Account No.                                  Home Equity loan

Bank balance ­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________

Phone No.____________________________________________________

4. Trade reference

Company Name________________________________________________________________
Contact name_________________________________________________________________



Account opened since when______________________________________________________________

Credit limit___________________________________________________________________________

Current balnce_________________________________________________________________________

I herby certify that the information contained herein is complete and accurate.tis information has being furnished with the understanding that it is to be used to determine the amount and the condition on the credit to be extended. Furthermore I, I herein authorize the financial institutions listed in credit institution to release necessary information to the company for which credit is being applied for in order to verify the information contained herein.

____________________________________________                                           _____________________

Signature______________                                                                                                                                   Date__________________

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